“We Break it, We fix it“ Guarantee

Only items prepared with recommended preventative wrapping materials by a our removalist or authorised representative are covered by a “We Break it, We Fix it” Guarantee. Any items found to be damaged during the course of the move must be identified and disclosed to the removalists before completion of job.

Items must then immediately be removed from the premises by our representative for repair. Guarantee will be Null and Void if items are not disclosed prior to sign-off, are not wrapped as recommended, or have not been proven in working order prior to relocation.

Acceptance, individually by item, of recommended preventative wrapping will be identified by a label marked GUARANTEED. Items not carrying this identification cannot be included in this guarantee.

Optional Full Breakage and handling insurance is a separate policy taken out by you, directly with an independent insurance broker. This insurance will cover your goods at a value determined between you and the broker and is kept from us at arm’s length. (We advise all goods should have Breakage and Handling Insurance prior to relocation).

Exclusions to “We Break it, We fix it” Guarantee: Delay, Inherent Vice, deterioration and nature of the subject matter. Trade loss, loss of market and the like. Dismantling, assembly, testing or fabrication of plant or machinery. Paintings, artwork, sculptures, glassware and the like. Livestock, animals and/or foodstuffs of any kind. Jewellery, gold and silver articles, precious stones. Bullion, cash, banknotes. Deeds, bonds, securities and other negotiable items. Nuclear, hazardous and/or radioactive goods and explosives. Electrical faults or instances of any malfunction that is not the result of a recorded major collision.